Copyright Protection

Every design that graces our site and finds its way into our shop holds a piece of the magic that brings smiles and joy to you and your loved ones. We hold these creations close to our hearts, and it's our utmost priority to ensure their protection through copyright law.

Each soft toy design and made by Fabric Forest Friends is a treasure, guarded by copyright ©.

This safeguard shields these cherished creations from any unauthorised use or replication, allowing us to preserve the essence and wonder that make them so special.

We wish to illuminate the vital role of copyright protection under UK law in safeguarding our soft toy creations and captivating stories.

Any unauthorised actions that follow without the explicit consent of the copyright holder constitute copyright infringement:

  • Replicating and marketing copies of the original soft toy creations.
  • Breathing new life into the tales with derivative works.
  • Sharing or performing these heartwarming stories in public spaces.
  • Passing on or selling the rights to these creative wonders to others.

More than a legal obligation, respecting copyright is an act of reverence for the creativity and dedication invested in these soft toy creations and stories.

By embracing these principles, we collectively nurture an atmosphere where imagination thrives, originality blooms, and the essence of the Fabric Forest Friends remains ever vibrant.

We invite you to be a part of this enchanting journey, where every soft toy and tale carries a piece of our collective imagination and creativity. Thank you for joining us in celebrating and safeguarding the world of the Fabric Forest Friends.