Friends For The Planet

We are pleased to welcome you to the Friends For The Planet page, dedicated to Fabric Forest Friends committed to promoting and following sustainable practices and the environment.

Our toys, which are made entirely of sustainable wool, demonstrate our commitment to the environment. We believe that by using natural materials available to us, we can create products that are visually-appealing.

  • We recognise the value of environmental stewardship. Our toys are manufactured from 100% wool, and we look to promote equality and sustainability in all that we do.

  • We have made two important commitments as a result of this: the Equality Pledge and the Green Growth Pledge.

  • While each of our Fabric Forest Friends has unique characteristics, they all share a commitment to embrace the diversity and natural beauty of Wales.

We are really proud to be a small business who put sustainability first. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future, and let's work together to make the world a better place for everyone.

What sustainability means to our friends 

Rhona the pig who lives as a pet on a local dairy farm where the family also have a small community shop supplying milk direct from a vending machine and fresh farm fruit and vegetables.

Blodwen and Periwinkle the frogs, live by the river Usk and in the garden pond within Vista Gardens. It makes them very sad when people pollute the water and river with litter, chemicals and sewage and they are actively helping to safeguard the streams and habitats that they rely on and they want to encourage its protection.

Glynnis the bear, who enjoys expressing her creativity through painting, is advocating for protection of the forests she loves to paint and would love everyone to try new creative activities within the woods.