Our Story

Meet Debs, the designer and creator behind Fabric Forest Friends. Learn about our mission, values, and the adorable forest creatures that make our brand truly special. 

About Debs

I have always loved soft toys and as a child I used my pocket money to rescue them from charity shops and jumble sales. Often when I found them they were damaged and dirty.  I loved to wash and repair them. Make them new outfits,  and often send them to new homes . I used to reuse and recycle long before it was mainstream. My imagination also led me to make up stories of where they might have come from, what they had done before and what they would like to do. They certainly did become my friends and we shared many adventures.

My family are creative and artistic and we have always encouraged and supported each other.

I love discovering and exploring the countryside, I thrive on learning and developing new skills and I am passionate about trying to be as environmentally aware as possible.

As an adult I trained and became a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, rescuing, mending and caring for real animals and living in various places around the British Isles, meeting so many new people and exploring so many amazing places. It was not always easy, sometimes I had to step out of my comfort zone but I am so glad that I always did. 

I want to share, encourage and inspire everyone, young and old, from any background and just as they are to explore their own imagination. 

To continue learning new skills, be caring, start exploring, enjoy art and craft, seek out local history and support and protect the environment.