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Hew the Eco-Friendly Dragon - Handmade Green Dragon Soft Toy

Hew the Eco-Friendly Dragon - Handmade Green Dragon Soft Toy

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Meet Hew the Dragon, a majestic and enchanting soft toy that will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. Handcrafted with love and care, Hew is a symbol of sustainability, as we take pride in using only 100% wool for his creation. This commitment to promoting equality and sustainability runs deep in our values, making Hew not only a wonderful companion but also an eco-friendly choice.

Product Specification

Measurements: Height: 32cm & Width: 32cm
Material: 100% wool
Collectible Edition: Part of our exclusive dragon collection
Design and Style: Hew stands tall with a thirst for learning and his gorgeous dark green scales 
Care Instructions: To keep Hew looking his best, simply spot clean with a damp cloth when needed. Read more here
Packaging: Hew the Dragon comes in a special recycled packaging, ensuring that we do our part to protect the environment while presenting him to you
Safety: Rest assured, Hew has been tested and certified to meet UKCA safety standards, making him a safe and huggable friend for all ages. In our opinion, all the friends are most suited for children over 1 year.

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